Australian made height adjustable couches, tables and chairs for healthcare applications

ABCO 3 Section Examination Couch

ABCO Health Care Height Adjustable 3 section Examination couches are designed and manufactured in Australia with a 5 year warranty[*]to match the recommendations of the RACGP.

As such, they are long enough and wide enough for most patients. The minimum height of just 45cm makes access for frail or disabled patients easy and the maximum height of 95cm is high enough for tallest carers to work comfortably.

A comprehensive range of factory fitted options allows you to specify the best configuration for your requirements.

The retractable wheel system makes moving the couch easy without compromising stability in use.

The three ergonomically sized sections allow for more flexibility in use from a simple plinth through to a chair configuration making it useful for a multi-disciplinary practice

Product Code: EX30.07121.EM00MF.00W11

Standard Specifications
ABCO Health Care has a policy of continuous improvement. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice
Couch Dimensions Head section 340mm long
  Centre section 560mm long
  Long section 960mm long
  Overall length 1930mm
  Width 710mm
Upholstery Angle adjustment Head & Long sections Manual [rods through plates]
Upholstery Fabric Vinyl – Medical grade heavy duty vinyl fabric. Formulated to inhibit hardening and breakdown of the PVC surface due to perspiration and oils. Light fast, fire retardant, sanitised and stain resistant.
  Foam 38mm high density foam rolled over the edges of the strong plywood base covered with 12mm of soft foam for enhanced comfort while providing a full working width and extended life.
  Colours Wedgewood. Other colours on request
Frame Materials Heavy steel plate and tube
  Colour Light Grey
  Wheel System Single action retractable castors for ease of movement and 'on-the-floor' stability in use. Levelling foot on one corner.
Height adjustment Range 450 - 950mm
  Lift mechanism Two leg swing arm
  Lift operation Genuine Linak brand European electric actuator
  Control Hand control
Electrical Requirements   Medically approved to AS 3200 / EN60601 - 1
  Supply 230vAC ±10°, 50hz max 1.5amp
  Operation 24vDC max 70VA
Lifting Capacity   200kg
Weight   75kg
Shipping Dimensions   170 x 73 x 60cm / 90kg. Packed on a wooden pallet with foam & cardboard cover
ARTG No   123753
Warranty   5 years, parts only




Select Custom Options

Our standard vinyl upholstery is Studio brand medical grade heavy-duty vinyl fabric.
The exclusive formulation delivers a superior softness for comfort including excellent strength and wear characteristics.
Formulated to inhibit hardening and breakdown of the PVC surface due to perspiration and oils; light fast; fire retardant; sanitised; stain resistant.
  • Recommended cleaning with chemically neutral soap and warm water, then wipe clean.
  • Do not dry-clean or use abrasive or solvent based products.
see product image
We can match your specific fabric on request. Depending on product there may be a surcharge
On request
Choose a width that suits your requirments
All our Breathe Holes come with an upholstered plug insert
  • Retractable wheels
    • Couch lifts on wheels for movement
    • On-the-floor stability in use
  • Braked Castors
    • More suitable for frequent movement or movement with a patient
    • Each casstor is individually braked
  • Base Plate without wheels
    • Removes all movement associated with braked castors
    • More suitable where there is no requirement for frequent movement
    • Easy to clean round
    • Allows patient hoist access
A foot control is preferable:
  • If you need to adjust the height or upholstery configuration of your table or chair during a procedure without using your hands.

Choose a hand control: 
  • If you don't need to make these adjustments during a procedure or can do so by hand.
  • Where you need to move your table or chair regularly
  • If the location is not suitable for a foot control [eg a wet area]

Select a double hand or foot control to control your table from either side.
  • Most ABCO swing arm couches and tables are supplied with an actuator with 6 000n force. In a no-load situation, this actuator will take approximately 31 seconds to raise the couch through its full height range. At a load of 80kg for example, this will slow to 36 seconds [approx 16% longer]. Maximum lifting capacity is rated at 200kg.
  • The faster / stronger actuator is rated at 10 000n force. In a no-load situation, this actuator will take approximately 17seconds to raise the couch through the full height range. With an 80kg load this will slow to 18seconds [approx 6% longer]. Maximum lifting capacity is rated at 275kg.
Increases both lifting capacity and speed of height adjustment
Starting at: $2,079.00+GST

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